Large Firms Will Not Handle Your State Liability


Did you know that most of the large Tax Resolution Firms will not handle your local tax issues? Many clients come into my office every month after they have already been through the tax resolution process with one of those big firms you hear on the radio. Only to find that despite what the salesperson said initially, big firms do not work on a taxpayer’s’ state liability.

So what’s the point? Why pay all that money and not thoroughly investigate your situation and resolve the entire problem? Another issue with those large chains is their lack of transparency. The person you speak to on the phone is not a lawyer. They are not bound by attorney-client privacy laws and many times they are not even a tax professional but yet a trained salesperson who will say anything to get your business. They quote one fee and then come back and start hitting you with hidden charges many times, running your credit or debit card every single month for fees.

Why would taxpayers want to deal with a faceless firm like that? I think the answer is we all want to pay less than we have to and sometimes, without doing your research, those companies seem like a better deal. In my experience, they are not! What image do these people have to live up to when you never meet them in person? Do yourself a favor, meet with a local attorney that can handle your case from beginning to end and don’t be sold on the bigger, better deal that turns out to be smoke and mirrors.

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