Call Center Scam Exposed


It was bound to happen and I know at least in part, the American public is to due some thanks for aiding in this big bust. According to The Wall Street Journal, police raided a call center in India exposing more than 70 individuals posing as IRS agents and defrauding the American taxpayers of their hard earned dollars. These scam artists, located in the suburbs of Mumbai, seemed to locals to be working at your average call center. Unfortunately, their business was much more sinister than helpful.

Is this the end?
Probably not. Even though this is a big win for authorities, this could just be the tip of the iceberg. Be vigilant in protecting your personal information and continue to spread the word about this and similar scams. If we stay silent, more innocent people will fall victim to fraud.

If the scam continues:
Keep watch and warn family and friends. Share blogs like this on social media and by email. As I mentioned above, I believe the American public plays a valuable part in uncovering crimes like these. It is estimated that over 1 million complaints were made in regards to these scam calls.

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