Driving without your license in Maryland?


As some taxpayers know, if you owe back taxes to the State of Maryland, they can take your license away. I have had clients come in and say the people at the DMV took or cut up their license when they went in to renew it. As that is embarrassing, it is nothing compared to getting caught with a suspended driver’s license due to taxes.

In Maryland, driving without a license is a violation of vehicle law statute section 16-101. This law states that no one can attempt to drive a motor vehicle without a valid license. If you violate this law, you may be committing a criminal misdemeanor.

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Driving without a license first offense can result in:

  • $500 fine on your first offense
  • 5 points on your license
  • 60 days in jail

Driving without a license second offense can result in:

  • An additional $500 fine
  • 1 year in jail

If you are caught driving without a license a third time or have any additional crimes on your record; the above penalties and fees will most likely increase beyond what we have mentioned.

The Bottom Line: Driving without a license is a criminal offense and not filing your taxes is a criminal offense. It is not advisable and you CAN wind up in jail. This is no laughing matter.

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