Free In-Depth Infographic: Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed

Free In-Depth Infographic: Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed

When you’re self-employed, tax time can be a nightmare. But S.H. Block Tax Services is here to help! We’ve created an in-depth infographic, “Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed” that you can download for free on this page.


Download Your Free Tax Deduction Infographic Now!

We cover essential tax deduction tips for many self-employed professionals, including:

  • Real estate agents
  • Hair stylists and salon artists
  • HVAC repair technicians
  • Plumbers
  • Contractors
  • Truck drivers
  • Daycare providers

If you’re self-employed, this infographic will help you learn the easiest and most beneficial income tax deductions for your business.

S.H. Block Tax Services: Providing Tax Relief to Self-Employed Maryland Residents and Workers

Being self-employed poses many tax-related challenges. If you’re looking for tax help related to your self-employment status, please contact the experienced tax professionals at S.H. Block Tax Services today to schedule your free consultation.

Call us at (410) 872-8376 or complete a brief online form and we will get in touch promptly!


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