How can I settle for Less with the IRS?


If you are like many taxpayers you are bombarded day in and day out with ads targeting a select group of individuals. You may hear “Settle for pennies on the dollar” , The “Fresh Start” Program, or most commonly known the Offer in Compromise.

But what does all of this mean?

If you have heard these advertisements you may be asking yourself what is the Fresh Start Program? Well here it is: The IRS Fresh Start Initiative is an important government program that grants taxpayers IRS DEBT FORGIVENESS.

If you are one of many millions that owe the IRS back taxes then this program might be for you. The newly revamped FRESH START PROGRAM is a tax plan that allows taxpayers major debt reduction.

As I tell my clients every day you are not alone and you don’t have to deal with this by yourself. There is help and you have the right to representation when seeking admittance into this great program.

What can the OIC do?

The offer in compromise program states that you unable to pay your back tax debt either not at all or not in full. You make a deal with the IRS to pay a lesser amount and settle your debt in full. Sometimes this “offer” can be as low as $1.

  • Can this fix a WAGE GARNISHMENT? YES
  • Can this end LIENS & LEVIES? YES
  • Can this end those high PENALTIES & INTEREST? YES
  • Can this help get your life back? YES

Would you like a fresh start?


Click this link so we can prequalify you with our FRESH START Free Consultation

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