The IRS is asking me to prove my kids live with me. What do I do?


Q: My taxes were under review for months, not audited. I sent them everything they asked for and it’s not enough. Their saying I will get nothing back because nothing I sent them proves my kids live with me. What should I do? My kids always lived with me and I been claiming them their whole lives. I have to send them a response or more proof by next week or I get nothing.

A: Dear Friend after speaking to you and determining your low income status I have two suggestions. The first is Maryland as well as most states have a low income tax clinic. Our clinic is called the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers. They can be reached at 410-727-6006. I feel you may be a good candidate for their services and may meet their income requirements for assistance. Also available in most states as well as for IRS matters is tax payer advocates. You can obtain their help by filling out Form 911 Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance. I believe these two entities can provide you a wealth of information as well as possible assistance.

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