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IRS Going After Wealthier Non-Filers In New Enforcement Campaign

The IRS just announced a new enforcement effort to go after business and individuals who have not filed required tax returns.

This effort was hinted at by high-level officials of the Small Business/Self-Employed divisions of the IRS, who are responsible for most IRS audits and collections. In a January conference call, attended by our own Eric Bielitz, they discussed that recent hiring of some 2,000 new personnel and improvements to their computer systems would enable them to make new efforts to enforce the tax code that wasn’t possible before.

According to the IRS announcement, it is sending investigators to wealthier neighborhoods to gather information to identify tax scofflaws, and confront them on not filing returns or paying past due taxes.

Meanwhile, improvements to IT (information technology) systems will allow a more muscular use of IRS’ existing tools: to “force file” tax returns for people who don’t file (never giving the taxpayer the benefit of the doubt), and to withhold tax refunds for those who have unfiled past returns. Targeted taxpayers may not get an in-person visit, but they will get formal notices in the mail.

What Should I Do if The IRS Contacts Me?

If you are visited by an IRS Revenue Officer or Revenue Agent, do not panic. Carefully keep what ever papers the IRS officer or agent gives you, listen to what they have to say, but you do not have to tell them anything more.

Anything you tell them can be used against you. You should say “no comment” and “I want to talk with a lawyer before saying anything.”

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S.H. Block Tax Services: Aggressive Tax Defense Lawyers

If you are visited by an IRS Officer or Agent, or get an enforcement notice in the mail, do not delay. Call S.H. Block Tax Services at (410) 872-8376“>(410) 872-8376 to set a free, no obligation consultation appointment (in person or over the phone). Let us fight for you!

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