The Right to a Fair and Just Tax System

The Right to a Fair and Just Tax System

Taxpayers have the right to experience a fair and just taxation system. They can expect that the taxing agency will consider their personal circumstances when determining liabilities and their ability to repay the government. Also, what is its capacity to provide timely information and what factors could hinder this ability? As a taxpayer, if you feel this right is not being met there is an independent agency inside the IRS known as the Taxpayer Advocate Service. This organization’s purpose is to aid taxpayers who are having difficulties are who have not received timely responses for the IRS. There are similar agencies in most states to assist with local tax matters as well.

What does this mean?

If your particular circumstances constitute the need for an extension of time to pay, the IRS may issue an extended payment agreement or installment agreement. This additional time will allow you to pay back your debt in smaller monthly payments.

You have the right to receive timely notifications and little to no managerial delays. If interest assessed on your account as a result of the IRS not following these guidelines, there is a chance this fee can be removed or reduced.

If you are experiencing a mental or physical ailment that prevents you from handling your affairs, you do have the right to suspend your business tax matters.

If you received misleading advice from a tax professional, the IRS may be lenient and extend a reversal of certain penalties on your account.

If you do not have reasonable means to pay your tax debt in your lifetime and or doing so would create a genuine hardship there is a program out there where you can make an offer to pay less than the amount that you owe. This offer amount could be as little as $1.

The IRS can’t seize your assets that are required to meet your basic living requirements. This seizure would not be justice.

You have the right to assistance. If the IRS is not meeting its timeline and other requirements, you may request the intervention from a taxpayer advocate. Additionally, if you are unable to afford legal tax advice and meet certain conditions, there may be tax help for you via the low-income taxpayer clinic.

The bottom line:

You have the right to a fair and just taxing agency procedure. If you feel your rights are not being met you have the right to challenge the IRS’s position or request help from individual agencies.

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