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When the IRS Is Wrong, It Pays to Have a Tax Attorney on Your Side

Recently, our firm had a conversation with the collection division of the IRS about the statute of limitations on a client’s account. We believed that over $60,000 of back taxes should have expired, which would have meant that the IRS could no longer collect on the debt and would’ve been forced to erase it entirely. We went back and forth over the phone discussing our position, but we could not get the agent to bend on his calculations. So, we escalated the situation and entered the dispute for further review.   Read more


How to Prepare for a Small Business Audit

Nobody wants to get that letter in the mail ― the one marked with those three big letters, “I-R-S,” announcing that your financial history is being reviewed by the federal government. Dealing with the IRS in any extended fashion can be a nerve-racking prospect, especially when you know they’ll be auditing your very livelihood. Read more