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The Comptroller is Putting Forward a New Website, with Input from our own Eric Bielitz


Yesterday, our associate attorney, Eric Bielitz, participated in a focus group convened by the Comptroller of Maryland at its Annapolis headquarters.  The Comptroller invited Eric and other select tax professionals from business, accounting firms, and non-profits, to comment on the Comptroller’s new website, which it plans to unveil by year’s end.

According to Comptroller P.R. specialist Maureen O’Prey, the Current comptroller website was originally designed nearly 20 years ago!  “I love that the website is full of information” Eric told the group “but it is impossible to navigate.  I lose sleep thinking that I may miss something important on the site to the detriment of my clients.”  Other focus group participants from accounting firms, tax return preparation firms, and non-profits shared similar concerns.

The group was given access to a beta version of the new website.  “It still needs work” Eric reports “but it is far more user friendly: easier to navigate and the information is better organized.”   Eric reports the beta version in not intuitive, but with knowledge a little thought one can find what one needs within three-to-five clicks.

Eric and other members of the focus group provided several insights and suggestions to the Comptroller, to be considered as they develop the final product.

“I’m certainly honored to be invited to contribute”  Eric says of his experience with the group “I’m proud to be able to contribute to a project that will benefit our profession, and benefit the people of Maryland.”

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