The Right to Privacy

You as the taxpayer have the right to expect that most IRS actions will follow the law, and that it will be no more intrusive into your private life than is necessary.

What does this mean?

Your personal or identifying information is never sold by the IRS and is never required to browse the IRS website (IRS.gov). Personal information is data used to identify you such as name, social security number, phone number, and email. It can also be deeper than the surface level of identity and delve into your personal life.

Liens and levies are tools the IRS uses to protect their interest and in connection with the pursuit of collecting taxes owed to them. Liens, levies, seizures, interceptions, and garnishments are taken seriously and done after many other steps are taken. Regular collections may include the IRS sending letters and notices to collect the debt.

Additionally, before the IRS attempts to seize your personal assets they must try and contact you directly. To accomplish this, a revenue officer may call or come to your home in an attempt to contact you directly. Seizure of personal assets is one of the last stages of collections and is severe in nature. Keep in mind if there proves to be some hardship imposed on your or your family by this seizure, they may take other measures to remedy the tax debt.

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During an audit, the IRS must respect your privacy to a degree. The auditor is not allowed to request information in regards to your lifestyle unless it proves necessary and reasonable in connection with the audit. This line of questioning is usually necessary when trying to uncover a taxpayer who may be hiding income.

Things to take note of:

  • The IRS can only levy a certain percentage of your wages
  • If IRS sells your home, you have the right to the financial breakdown
  • The IRS cannot take school books or clothing
  • Providing your personal information is voluntary in most instances

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