The stages of IRS Tax Resolution

The stages of IRS Tax Resolution


Before we even begin or take on a new client we offer a free no obligation consultation. This allows taxpayers to meet with our staff with no strings attached and discuss their tax matter. The consultation lasts around 30-45 minutes. A client may choose to meet face to face in one of our offices, or over the phone. During the meeting the client can discuss their concerns and reasons for seeking assistance with their tax matter. We will advise you as to possible course of action for your tax controversy and go over the process with you. That being said each case is different and no one case is handled in exactly the same way. We will never sell you services that you do not require. We do not operate on a one size fits all philosophy. We understand that each clients’ needs and cases are different. When we take you on as a client you become part of the S.H. Block Tax Service family.

Step One Investigation:

The first step in the process is completing our own investigation. Once we obtain a Power of Attorney (POA or 2848) we send it to all applicable agencies. This first step is very important as it lets the IRS and State Agencies know that you are now taking control of your tax situation. It also provides some immediate relief because you no longer have to deal with this burden on your own. When the IRS receives S.H. Block Tax Services Form 2848 they are then required to contact our office, instead of the taxpayer. We tell our Clients “Never Speak with The IRS” unless we instruct you to do so, and if they try to contact you please advise them to direct all questions to your council.

As the investigation moves on we will begin to obtain your private IRS file. We will know everything the IRS has on you. We will know where you worked, how much money you made, what tax years need to be filed, and get a good idea of how much you owe. Once a full review of statutes and inner workings of a client’s case is complete we contact them to discuss the findings. Once all parties are in agreement, we are then ready to move on to the second step.

Step Two Compliance:

The second step in the process is becoming compliant. This means filing all necessary tax returns. The IRS or State will not think of resolving a case before you are compliant. I know many taxpayers are confused by this. Often times they say “I am already in a payment plan” or “The IRS is already proposing a plan for me.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. The IRS loves for you to make payments. They will accept payments at almost any time. This does not mean you are in a payment plan. You may be making payments towards a balance on a specific year or playing catch up. Unless you have an agreed upon plan and paperwork is put into place with an acceptance letter you ARE NOT IN AN INSTALLMENT AGREEMENT. The IRS and State require you become COMPLIANT first. If you have not filed all your taxes they cannot assess how much you truly owe.

We help our clients become compliant. We have an team of CPA’s, EA’s, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Tax Prepares, and other tax professionals that help you organize and file your taxes the correct way for a resolution. We help our clients make sense of a complicated tax situation and help them move through the process quickly. There are many ways we protect our clients in this stage, we do this by paying careful attention to the law, statute of limitations, and closing out years to protect from audit. The experience of our tax team in this particular area of taxation is extremely valuable and our knowledge has saved our clients millions of dollars. Once our clients become law abiding compliant citizens, it is then time to move on towards resolution.

Step Three Resolution:

The third step in the process is: How do we resolve the tax controversy? This is different for every client and requires years of practice, skill, education, and also the right connections. S.H. Block Tax services originated as legal counsel over 50 years ago in the State of Maryland. The lifelong connections with judges, attorneys, and other professionals in the business provides immeasurable value to our clients. We all know that experience and connections are important, but that asset becomes very important in the world of Law and Taxation. Our company moved into the field of Taxation and Tax Resolution in 1997. There are almost no companies today that began their tax practice as far back as S.H. Block Tax Services. After eighteen years in Taxation, we have built long lasting friendships with our clients and we are happy to lend an ear or advise them at any time. We care for our family of clients and we love what we do!

In the Resolution stage we determine the possible outcomes of our clients’ case. How much do they owe? How much can they afford to pay? What specific circumstances surround their case? Is there a hardship? What plans do they qualify for? Are there upcoming programs that might benefit them by waiting to resolve the case? There are many questions that a tax team must answer when deciding how to resolve a case. As I have said many times, no case is the same and no outcome is the same. You need a professional Tax Attorney who knows all the ins and outs of the tax world one that can represent you in Tax Court if necessary and a team that can get you the best possible result for your tax controversy. Once the Resolution is agreed upon it is submitted for approval. We coach our clients on turnaround times of approval and what to do during this period, as this can sometimes make or break your case. Once we reach a mutual Resolution we see our clients to the end of that process and help them end their tax problems for good!


How do we solve your tax problems for good? S.H. Block Tax Services does not take short cuts. We do a complete review and analysis and often times find things that others may have missed. We take your complete tax liability into account before moving forward. We care about our clients and their financial and emotional well-being. We also continue to monitor our clients tax records even after their cases are settled to make sure they stay compliant and on track. We make ourselves available to new and old clients to discuss any concerns they may have. We make it our duty to reliably and effectively END YOUR TAX PROBLEMS FOR GOOD.

The Bottom Line:

You need an experienced tax team when dealing with IRS Problem Solving. Being aware of the steps is extremely important. As a Tax Problem Solving firm we want to educate our clients and other taxpayers on the process of Resolution. Having unrealistic expectations for your case or trying to complete the process on your own usually only leads to the worsening of an already difficult problem. Do yourself a favor, arm yourself with the knowledge of understanding your tax situation, and make wise choices on who you choose to represent you in your Tax Controversy.

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