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Guide to Professional IRS Tax Resolution Services

Most people expect their only interaction with the IRS to be when they file their annual tax return. And when you receive a written notice from them, it usually isn’t good news. This gives the agency a reputation for being punishing and unforgiving. However, the IRS can be more lenient than you think and resolving tax problems doesn’t necessarily have to be a stressful or scary situation.

When you receive a notice from the IRS regarding an issue with your tax return, an upcoming audit, tax penalties, tax liens, wage garnishment, or any other issue, the best thing to do is figure it out and address the problem. If you feel overwhelmed, or you don’t think you can pay your tax debt, it’s important to know that the IRS is willing to work with you to find a mutually beneficial tax solution.

One of the hardest parts about resolving an issue with the IRS is that if you are not an expert at tax law, you probably don’t know the right steps to take to solve your tax problem. Hiring a tax debt lawyer, though, will help you trust that everything is done correctly and on time.

A tax lawyer like Stanley H. Block can walk with you through the following steps of tax problem resolution.

Step One: Free Consultation for Tax Resolution Services

We always start with a free, no-obligation consultation. This allows you to meet with our staff and discuss your tax matter, which usually lasts around 30-45 minutes. During normal (non-pandemic) times, you may choose to meet face-to-face in one of our offices, or over the phone.

During this meeting we can discuss your concerns and reasons for seeking assistance with your tax issue. Since every situation is unique, we like to get to know you and the challenges you are facing. We will advise you as to possible courses of action for your tax controversy and go over our proposed process with you.

When we take you on as a client, you become part of the S.H. Block Tax Services family. You can rest assured that we will never sell you services you do not need. We are here to help you understand and defend your Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

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Step Two: Tax Problem Investigation

An important step in the process is completing our own investigation of your tax debt. We will ask you to sign a Power of Attorney (POA or Form 2848), then we send this form to all applicable agencies.

This tells the IRS and state agencies that you are now taking control of your tax situation. It also provides some immediate relief because you no longer deal with this burden on your own.

When the IRS receives S.H. Block Tax Services’ Form 2848, they are then required to contact our office, instead of you. We advise our clients never to speak with the IRS unless we instruct you to do so. And if they try to contact you, please tell them to direct all questions to your council.

As the investigation moves on, we will obtain your private IRS file. From this, we determine which tax years need to be filed and how much you may owe. Once a full review of statutes and the inner workings of your case is complete, we contact you to discuss the findings. And when all parties are in agreement, we move on to the next step.

Step Three: Compliance

The IRS will not even consider resolving a case until you are “compliant.” This means filing all past due tax returns and, in some cases, paying or agreeing to pay estimated taxes. If you are a W2 wage earner you must be withholding taxes at the correct rate.

Our team of CPAs, EAs, accountants, bookkeepers, tax preparers, and other tax professionals know how to organize and file your taxes the correct way for compliance. We help you make sense of a complicated tax situation so you can move through the process more quickly.

There are many ways we protect you in this stage. We pay careful attention to the law, statute of limitations, and closing out years to protect you from an audit. The experience of our tax team in this particular area is extremely valuable – our knowledge has saved our clients millions of dollars!

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One big thing to note: we often hear from clients that they are “already participating in a payment plan.” The IRS will accept any payments from you, whether you are paying off a balance or trying to catch up. This does NOT mean you are a payment plan participant.

A payment plan with the IRS, known as an “installment agreement,” requires an agreed-upon plan and an acceptance letter, and you absolutely must be compliant before this can happen. If you have not filed all your tax returns, they cannot assess how much you owe, and you will not qualify for any IRS tax forgiveness program.

Step Four: Resolving Your Tax Controversy

In the resolution stage we determine the possible outcomes of your case. There are many questions that a tax team must answer when deciding how to resolve a case, such as:

  • How much does our client owe?
  • How much can they afford to pay?
  • What specific circumstances surround their case?
  • Is there a hardship? Does our client qualify for a reduced tax payment as an offer in compromise?
  • What kind of penalties and fees are there? Do they qualify for any penalty abatement?
  • What payment programs does our client qualify for?
  • Is there an upcoming tax forgiveness program that might benefit them?

No case is the same and no outcome is the same. You need a professional tax lawyer who knows all the ins and outs of tax law and can represent you in court if necessary. Our team works hard to get you the best possible result for your tax controversy.

Once the resolution is agreed upon it is submitted for approval. We coach our clients on turnaround times of approval and what to do during this period, as this can sometimes make or break your case. Once we reach a mutual resolution, we see you through to the end of that process and help you find the right solution for your tax problems.

This is where you really benefit from S.H. Block Tax Service’s 55+ years of experience, including our legal skill, education, and connections. Our professional relationships with judges, attorneys, and other professionals in the tax field provide immeasurable value to our clients.

There are almost no companies today that began their tax practice as far back as S.H. Block Tax Services. After twenty-five years in taxation services, we have built long-lasting friendships with our clients and are happy to lend an ear or advise them at any time. We care for our family of clients and love what we do!

Step Five: Ongoing Monitoring

S.H. Block Tax Services does not take short cuts. We do a complete review and analysis and often find things others may have missed. Your complete tax liability is considered before moving forward. We care about you and your financial and emotional well-being. And our job isn’t finished until your tax problem is completely resolved.

We even continue to monitor our clients’ tax records after their cases are settled to make sure they stay compliant and on track. We are always available for new and old clients to discuss any concerns they may have. We make it our duty to effectively end your tax problems!

Stanley H. Block Is the Tax Debt Lawyer Who Will Help You End Your Tax Problems!

You need an experienced tax team when dealing with the IRS. Tax debt can quickly snowball into an unmanageable problem, causing you daily stress and angst. At S.H. Block, we have the skills and experience needed to help our clients permanently solve their tax problems and put their minds at ease.

Are you ready to resolve your tax problems and get financially healthy? Take advantage of our free consultation by calling (410) 872-8376 or completing our online form. We will work with you to find the best resolution for whatever tax problem you are facing.

The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject.

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