What does it cost to hire a Tax Attorney?

In today’s world most of us have run into the need for an attorney at one time or another, or at least know someone who has. Maybe you received a speeding ticket you need to fight, or help with preparing your will, perhaps you were starting a new company and needed the paperwork prepared. These days there are attorneys who offer a multitude of services. What people have come to know is, when you want something handled the right way you need a professional. Not just a professional but someone who is skilled in the area you are seeking assistance. An attorney that specializes in one particular type of law and practices in it day in and day out. Would you hire a dentist to represent you in court, or a plumber to fix your roof? Well Taxes, Tax Problems, and Tax Controversies are no different. You want an experienced attorney that knows all the ins and outs, all the rules, and regulations.

New legislation in the last 20 years has created a new opportunity for legal professionals. The IRS is now more willing than ever to make deals and settle your case, than ever before. In the past the term “Attorney” became synonymous with the words like expensive, costly, overpriced, and uneconomical. So naturally the questions on many minds is, can I afford it? For the longest time the idea of retaining an attorney was something for the affluent people, which is why many people still believe they can’t afford these services. However, this is not always true. The answer to the question of whether or not you can afford an attorney in today’s world is a yes!

So the next question on everyone’s mind is: How much would it cost to resolve my case? This seems like an easy enough question, right? Not true. In our experience every client is different and every case is different. Here at S.H. Block Tax Services we do not believe in a one size fits most approach. We are not going to try and sell you a service you don’t need just to make money. We genuinely care for ALL of our clients. We know you when you walk in the door, we love hearing from you on the phone, and we consider it our responsibility to handle your case with integrity, honesty, and in a legally prudent manner. So then why would we charge our new friends for something you didn’t need?

If you owe the IRS at least $10,000 or more it is in your best interest to sit down with a Tax Resolution Attorney. When you meet with Mr. Block at your FREE consultation he will help you weigh your options. He will honestly tell you if you would be best having our firm handle your case. Not everyone is a right fit and not everyone needs an attorney. But if you stand to save a considerable amount of money on interest, penalties, and balance on your over-all debt; not to mention possible jail time. We may advise that it is most cost effective to let us help you resolve your case. Would you pay $3,000 to wipe out $100,000 of debt? Would it be worth it to you to pay a small retainer fee to relieve yourself the burden of being awake countless nights wondering if the IRS will knock on your door? I’m guessing you probably would pay any amount for this type of tax relief. Hiring an attorney for Tax Resolution is not spending money, look at it as an investment in your financial wellbeing and most importantly your peace of mind.

Your investment is an important one, and you must make sure you are dealing with a reputable attorney. One who has been in the business awhile and who has a good standing relationship with revenue officers, and other officials that are necessary in seeing your case through to completion. Keep in mind a good attorney will not require all of your money up front. A retainer yes, but not all of the money upfront. Beware of any firm that asks for the entire payment in advance. Once you are finished with your Free Consultation you will have a good idea of what your particular case will cost. Also please keep in mind once the first step of investigation is completed, the attorney will have a much better idea of what route they will take with your case and how much this will cost.

The Real Bottom Line: Being in the collections process with the IRS is a dangerous and highly critical time. The wrong move could be very costly. I would not recommend pushing this off, not taking it seriously, and certainly not taking any chances with your financial future. A tax resolution attorney can provide you immediate relief they can speak to the IRS on your behalf and represent you during an audit and other legal proceedings. Having experienced legal counsel in these situations helps to ensure that you won’t overpay in the long run.

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