Vice President and Enrolled Agent

Marcy Block began working at S.H. Block Tax Services immediately after graduating high school in 1999. Originally, she focused on marketing and customer services, but she gradually developed an interest in tax preparation and liability and began working toward becoming a certified and licensed tax preparer. A few of her achievements include:

  • Enrolled Agent
  • Licensed Tax Preparer
  • Healthcare & ACA Law Specialist
  • Certified in PCI & DSS Compliance
  • Bank Agency Training
  • QuickBooks Certified

Ms. Block understands that staying up-to-date is necessary in order to offer her clients the best possible tax and tax resolution services. She regularly attends bootcamps, webinars, seminars, classes, and other continuing education courses to broaden and deepen her professional skillset.

In her free time, Marcy enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews, cooking and baking, supporting local musicians and writing. She is a huge supporter of the Baltimore Humane Society and has adopted two dogs from the organization. A fierce advocate for pit bulls, Marcy works diligently to educate people about this exceptional dog breed. Marcy also adopted a 10-year-old cat from a local rescue and is a resolute believer in the “Adopt, Don’t Shop” approach to welcoming pets into the home.

Marcy loves standup comedy and frequently attends comedy shows. She fancies herself as an amateur comedian and often comprises her own parodies, plays, and jokes. She also loves swimming laps and snorkeling, and likes to play in the water with her nieces and nephews.

In addition to her tax background, Marcy was a licensed and practicing loan officer for over seven years in the State of Maryland. She has a vast knowledge of credit, finances, and collection laws.