IRS Power of Attorney

Let our experienced tax team help. We will determine your particular tax needs, obtain copies of IRS documents and transcripts. We are a full service tax team and will file all necessary past due returns and help you enter into the appropriate resolution.

Offer in Compromise

If you are financially unable to pay your back taxes in full the IRS is now more than ever willing to accept an Offer in Compromise or an OIC. If accepted by the IRS an OIC allows you to satisfy your tax debt with a smaller lump sum payment in lieu of your entire IRS debt. Our seasoned tax team will help you to compile the appropriate documents to support your case and help you to Offer the lowest acceptable amount. We do not recommend taxpayers try this on their own, without knowing the current guidelines and enforcement standards, taxpayers often times put themselves at risk of not qualifying for a settlement or paying more than the lowest amount allowed by law.

Installment Payment

If you cannot currently pay your back taxes in full but can make payments over time our tax team can help negotiate a reasonable monthly payment plan for you. This plan can be fitting to your payment needs our team can negotiate amounts, payment dates, and arrangements. Once you enter into this step referred to as a resolution the IRS will stop collection tactics. This means they stop all practices to obtain payment. They stop levying, garnishing, and seizing assets. As long as you keep up with your program and payments the IRS will stop their collection steps. Once again we recommend you do not try this on your own. Our team is aware of all laws and guidelines and will help show you how to stay current now and in the future.

Other Services Include but are not limited to:

  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Payroll Tax Problems
  • Freedom of Information Requests
  • Bankruptcy