Facing an IRS Lien or Levy? S.H. Block Tax Services Can Help You Request a Collection Due Process Hearing

IRS Collection of Due Process in Maryland

Why Request a Collection Due Process hearing?

If the IRS is pursuing aggressive collection efforts against you, such as a lien or levy, you might be able to request a Collection Due Process (CDP) hearing to debate the lien or levy.

The purpose of CDP hearings and appeals is to give taxpayers the chance to dispute concerns about their taxes and tax liabilities. They provide a degree of fairness to the system and the opportunity for taxpayers to present their case.

The window of opportunity to request a CDP hearing is fairly brief (usually only 30 days following the post date on your notice of lien or levy), so if any of the following apply to you, please contact S.H. Block Tax Services to begin the process.

  • You are unable to pay the amount in full and are seeking a collection alternative.
  • You want to dispute the tax the IRS claims you owe.
  • You want to refinance a home loan on a home with a lien.
  • You want the IRS to discharge a lien on a property so you can sell it.
  • You want the IRS to withdraw a lien from your public record.
  • You believe your spouse or ex-spouse is responsible for your lien.
  • You have a doubt as to your liability of the tax owed.
  • You believe you have a right to waive some or all of the penalties that have accrued.
  • You feel the tax bill has already been satisfied.

Things to Consider Before Requesting a Collection Due Process Hearing

We would advise against requesting a CDP hearing if you don’t believe you have a good chance of success. Here are a few things to consider before diving in.

  • Has the IRS followed proper procedure throughout the collection period?
  • Is there an appropriate collection alternative?
  • Does the proposed collection action balance the need for effective tax collection?
  • Are your taxes filed and compliant? If so, are you prepared to make an offer of alternative collection?
  • Do you have accurate and authentic documentation to support your case?

The IRS is unable to actually file the lien or levy while you are waiting for your CDP hearing, so please contact our office if you’re still unsure of the strength or validity of your claim.

S.H. Block Tax Services Provides Skilled CDP Hearing Representation

If a resolution is not reached during the appeals process, the matter will go to the United States Tax Court, so be sure to enlist the help of a trusted tax representative before proceeding to avoid further legal complications. We offer free consultations, and our attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of individuals in Collection Due Process hearings.

To contact our office to discuss your tax situation, please complete the form to the right, and we will be in touch promptly.