S.H. Block Tax Services Can Help You With Injured Spouse Allocation in Maryland

Injured Spouse Allocation in Maryland

What Is Injured Spouse Allocation?

If you filed a joint return and your tax refund was applied to your spouse’s past tax debts, you might be able to recoup that money by requesting injured spouse allocation.

Do You Qualify as an Injured Spouse?

To qualify, both of the following must be true:

  1. You are not personally required to pay the tax debt
  2. During the year in question, you:
    • Reported earned income on a Form 1040
    • Had income taxes withheld from your pay
    • Made estimated tax payments

S.H. Block Tax Services Can Help!

If you feel you qualify for injured spouse allocation, please contact S.H. Block Tax Services today. Our firm is dedicated to helping taxpayers resolve their tax issues, and we have substantial experience helping individuals file for injured spouse allocation successfully.

Unfortunately, there are certain statutes of limitations related to tax relief, so please contact us today by completing the form on the right to schedule your free consultation.