Can an attorney remove a wage garnishment?

Can an attorney remove a wage garnishment?

Many tax resolution clients come to my office after not filing taxes for 5 or more years. They sailed along thinking, the IRS couldn’t touch them until… they fell victim to a bank levy or wage garnishment. Frantically, taxpayers look for a quick fix to this uncomfortable situation. My answer is usually, “yes I can help or yes something can be done, but you need to help me help you.”

Why is the IRS targeting me?

IRS problems although feel very personal, are not. The IRS is not personally targeting you; they are following the IRS processes and procedures. If you owe the IRS they can legally:

  • Take money from your bank account
  • Garnish your wages
  • Take your personal property
  • Hold your Licence (Professional & Driving)
  • Garnish your social security
  • Call your employer and decrease your W4 witholdings
  • Hold your vehicle registration
  • Take your tax refunds
  • and much more

What can be done?

An experienced tax resolution attorney can lift garnishments, levies, licence holds, and provide relief from  many other IRS collection procedures. Depending on your particular situation this could take minutes or weeks. A large factor, especially if you have been assigned a Revenue Officer, is showing that you are ready to work on fixing your tax problems. We can get liens released, levies reversed and license holds removed. However this does not fix the real problem. The first step in fixing your tax problem is becoming compliant.

How do I become compliant?

If you are self employed, you need to make sure you are filing quarterly and that you are making estimated payments. If you are an individual taxpayer, this mostly means the IRS wants you to file tax returns and start a plan of repayment. Whatever the IRS problem, you must make the choice that you are ready to work on your controversy.

What not to do.

If you get the IRS to release its hold on you, do not take this lightly. If the IRS reverses or backs off on their collection tactics, they want something in return. If you get the IRS on your side and they are working with you, take it very seriously. Do what is required and show that you are moving in the right direction toward compliance.

The Bottom Line:

Tax problems do not fix themselves. There are solutions to your tax issues and with the help of attorney guided resolution you can be sure you will come out with the best negotiation available.
If you are a victim of IRS or State collection procedures and you owe $10,000 or more please give us a call at 410-727-6006.

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