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Is Tax Fraud Jail Time Still Sentenced?

Al Capone, the notorious gangster and bootlegger, knew that image is everything. His charismatic demeanor and charitable donations kept him in favor with the public, despite his violent crimes and ruthless corruption. However, no amount of charisma could ultimately save him from the IRS. The Prohibition-era crime boss was brought down and imprisoned for tax […]

10 Bookkeeping Tips for Small Businesses

Keeping up with accounting tasks can be demanding for any company or organization, but it is especially overwhelming when you run a small business and handle the bookkeeping yourself! To prevent things from getting out of hand, it’s smart to implement a foolproof system that makes sense for your company’s size, revenue, and industry, while […]

CPA vs. Tax Attorney: What’s the Difference?

Tax attorneys and CPAs often occupy the same space, but there are several key differences between the two professions. The purpose of this blog is to explain what tax attorneys and CPAs do while also detailing the distinctions between the two. Understanding those distinctions will help you plan your finances, submit your taxes, improve your […]