Maryland won't let me renew my license

Help! Maryland won’t let me renew my license

In 2011, Maryland passed a law that if you have unpaid taxes you will prevented from renewing your license and/or registration. This applies to both business and personal vehicles and licenses. Some time has passed and we are starting to see a large occurrence of these holds. Every day our firm gets frantic calls from taxpayers who need to drive to get to and to perform their jobs.

What can you do?

Well in a simple answer: If you can pay the tax debt in full, you can go ahead and do that. If you can’t pay in full or what they are asking, we recommend you seek out the advice from an experienced tax attorney. A tax attorney can investigate your case and inquire about getting your licence hold lifted.

What not to do.

Under no circumstances should you ever drive on an expired license; it is against the law and you can be taken to jail. If you owe more than $10,000, we highly recommend you meet with a tax attorney to discuss your options and not try to take care of it on your own.

How long does it take to release my hold?

A license hold release can have immediate results if negotiated by a knowledgeable and experienced tax attorney. There are situations where it may take longer to negotiate terms of a release, each case is different.

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