Is Two Hours A Long Hold Time with The IRS?

Is Two Hours A Long Hold Time with The IRS?

In our office we have become accustomed to the long hold times at the IRS. It is no surprise when a taxpayer walks in and wants to know, why they have to wait two hours on the phone. We are not shocked when refunds and processing are late. Why? Because it has become the norm with the Internal Revenue. We ourselves as tax professionals still have to wait on hold, sometimes for hours. Only to be hung up on while waiting in the cue.

What can be more frustrating than waiting for hours to ask a question only to be hung up on, not much right? The IRS had to slash their budget while increasing their workload. Taxpayers and many IRS workers are still unsure on how the Affordable Care Act actually works. Phone lines are busy with questions about offshore funds. Things are taking longer and longer and it seems like there is no one on the other phone line to help. I think we can all agree things at the IRS are a mess!

Here are a couple ways to get answers to your IRS questions.

Want to check on your refund?

Have questions about the ACA?

Want to know if you can claim someone as a dependent?

Want to pay your IRS taxes online?

Didn’t find your answer online?

S.H. Block Tax Services is happy to speak with taxpayers. If you have a question about your tax return or tax related matter, please give us a call. We have an experienced tax team of attorneys, enrolled IRS agents, accountants, and qualified tax pros willing to help. We offer a Free Consultation for most tax matters.


If you have a questions call 410-727-6006 one of our staff will answer your call with little or no hold time.

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