I haven't filed taxes in years- what can I do?

I haven’t filed taxes in years- what can I do?

Many clients come to our office who haven’t filed in many years. Sometimes it is only 2-3 years, other times they haven’t filed in 10 years or more. However many years it has been, filing past due returns can seem like a daunting task. All that paperwork and often times you are reliving a financially difficult situation. Things are not hopeless though, with an experienced tax team by your side you are in good hands.

It is a headache to try and look for all those documents.

This can be one of the main reasons clients fail to catch up with past due taxes. I switched jobs so many times my clients say. Or I don’t remember where I worked. Our firm once given the authorization, can obtain a complete IRS file on you. Your IRS file will show us where you worked, what investments you had, what documents you will need, and also provide a great deal of information we will need to complete a tax return. Also if you are not able to find old tax information we have ways of ordering replacement data for our clients. Our team can help you to recreate each necessary tax year and help you obtain the best possible return that the law allows.

I can’t afford to file all at once.

This is not a problem S.H. Block tax services will work with you. We have an in house tax and accounting team. We can start with one or two years at a time and work our way back.

I don’t know what years need to be filed.

During your investigation our firm will determine only the years that are most necessary to file. If there are closed years and years that do not require you file we will notify you. We want to make sure we pay close attention to the statute of limitations and assessments on all years. Knowing the ins and outs of tax resolution is a must in this process. Years of tax filing and resolutions have made our firm aware of all the regulations that will influence your particular case.

Can my friend do my taxes for me to save money?

You have the right to get your taxes filed anywhere you wish. However it is our recommendation that you get an certified accountant or enrolled agent to prepare your returns. Our preference is that you do the returns in our office because we can match them up with your IRS record and have a clean return, including all items that IRS is aware of. Also when preparing returns our mind is on the bigger picture. We know tax resolution is the end result. Often times that type of thinking may result in different filing methods. Our firm’s prices are comparable to most tax shops and can work with you on payment programs if necessary.

What happens next?

After all appropriate tax returns are filed and sent to the correct departments we wait. The IRS and state agencies must receive and process your returns. Once returns have been processed we will pull an updated summary of account on your case. We will know what you owe, what the penalty and interest fees are, and have a full picture of your case. Now that all returns are filed you are finally compliant in the Internal Revenue’s eyes. You are no longer committing a crime and they will now be willing to listen to resolutions.

The Bottom Line:

Don’t procrastinate any longer! Not filing your tax returns is a federal offense that can result in jail time. Call today (410) 872-8376 to set up a no cost consultation. Our tax attorney and tax professionals look forward to helping you get filed, and resolve your tax matter for GOOD!

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