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In my practice, I offer a free consultation to taxpayers who owe ten thousand dollars or more to the IRS or the State. Usually the only documentation I require a prospective client bring is their government issued ID and their Social Security card. Most taxpayers come in and they have their driver’s license with them; but a great many come in and say “I lost my Social Security card.” The next step in the process is telling my new client they will need a Social Security card on file with my office. It is a requirement that I verify the identity of all new customers. Secondly, I like to see how government agencies “know them.” Is it John P. Smith vs. John Paul Smith Jr.? Correctly identifying is imperative in taxes and tax resolution work. I then give then give my new client form SS-5 which is an application for a Social Security card.

Form SS-5

This form or application can be used to apply for an original Social Security card, apply for a replacement Social Security card, and to change or correct information on your Social Security card. One reason you may need to change your Social Security card is if you become married and change your maiden name. Updating your Social Security card will alert the IRS of your official name change. The form and directions are five pages in length. The first four pages are instructions on completing and filing the form, and the last page is the actual form.

Applying for Social Security Card

In the past, there were two ways to submit your application. The first option is mailing the form along with all your personal documents and hoping the Social Security Administration (SSA) returns them all to you. The second option is going to a local Social Security Administration office and waiting in line; possibly spending a good portion of your day waiting to submit your form. However, there is a new announcement for Maryland residents. In the very near future, SSA plans to launch an online service to request a Social Security card. Maryland will be one of the first states to offer this new time-saving feature.

Online Portal

The way of the future is going online. The convenience of changing your address, updating relevant information and making changes to your account can go from taking a day off work to sit in an SSA office to just a few clicks of a button from your laptop while sitting on the couch. As this service rolls out and users start to interface with the program, SSA anticipates increased efficiency and shorter wait times in their offices. A very exciting advancement that is sure to come with its challenges. Congratulations to the State of Maryland on this great new service.

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